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Following is a sample of my work and training techniques.

Always search for a certified trainer who is open with their training philosophy and technqiues.

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Engagement Training is the foundation for all learning. The dog is motivated to participate in the learning process because you have developed a relationship that is rewarding for the dog.

I use positive reinforcement to develop a dog that is an active learner, meaning, your dog is anticipating your requests and eager to offer the behaviors you are seeking.



Certified by the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, APDT.

Over 10 years experience

Dog trainer for West Hollywood Animal Hospital

Board member for Boxer Rescue, LA

Major influences

Dr. Sophia Yin, Reknown behaviorist, author

Dr. Ian Dunbar, Reknown behaviorist, author

Grisha Stewart,

Michael Ellis

Tyler Muto

Kathy Sdao


I am certified through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers,  CPDT-KSA (Knowledge and Skills Assessed) with over 10 years experience training dogs.  I serve on the board for Boxer Rescue Los Angeles and am the dog trainer for the West Hollywood Animal Hospital where I teach group classes and train staff.  My area of specialty is working with reactive dogs, dogs who are difficult to handle on the leash when confronted with either dogs, people, or things.  I use positive training techniques based on the scientific principles of positive reinforcement, operant conditioning, classical conditioning, desensitization, and counter conditioning.  

Mary provides you with the knowledge and skills to maximize your relationship with your dog.  Mary will help you develop a communication system that allows your dog to learn what you are asking of them and you, in turn, will learn how to read your dog as well.

About Me

Experienced, Certified, and Insured


Traditional training is hierarchal, meaning, the dog follows the human's lead.  The human is setting the boundaries, making decisions, and the dog's job is to submit. The result is a dog that is obedient, or compliant, but are you maximizing the potential relationship with your dog?

Heterarchy results when the Dog becomes an interested member of a partnership.  The handler and dog interact and respond to situations together, as a team.

The result is a more motivated dog anticipating requests.