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Following is a sample of my work and training techniques.

Always search for a certified trainer who is open with their training philosophy and technqiues.

Foundation Work

Training Lessons

Problem Behaviors

Interactive Games

A strong relationship with your dog is reflected with a pup that is focused on you, responsive to your requests, and is highly motivated to work with you, even in the presence of distractions. Interactive games helps to develop those skills and it is based on how dogs naturally play with others.  Tug and chase games tap into the dogs natural instincts and drive. Here is an example of using a Flirt Toy to increase the dog's focus on the handler, strengthening the bond between the dog and handler.  This is used after a foundation on how to play the game of tug is established and learning the rules of play.

Captivate your Dog

For dog's to learn from you, they need to develop the ability to focus on you. But most importantly, you need to learn how to captivate your dog's attention to help them sustain proloned attentiveness.

We do this by;

     Developing a communication system that lets them know they got it right

     Providing activities that are rewarding for the dog

     Reinforcing behaviors we are looking for

     Creating events that are highly rewarding for the dog

     Make training FUN! and engaging

                    F:  Frequent

                    U: Unpredictable

                    N: Novel


Food Delivery

Charging the Mark

Luring, Shaping, Capturing

Creating a Mini-Event

Marking a Behavior

Appropriate Play

Rules and Boundaries

Games with Food

Games with Tug

Games wtih Toy

Obedience Work

Designing a Training Session

Introducing a Behavior

Using a Word Cue

Reinforcing a Behavior

The Three D's




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Rules of Play

1) Dog plays with intensity and joy

2) Dog releases toy when asked

3) Dog re-engages with play

4) Dog is not out of control