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Following is a sample of my work and training techniques.

Always search for a certified trainer who is open with their training philosophy and technqiues.

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Welcome to Puppy School

When we bring a puppy home it is often accompanied with our dreams and expectations of what the relationship will be like; pleasant walks on the beach, providing companionship at an outdoor cafe, a team partner in a dog sport, and of course, their unconditional love.  However, in all fairness to the puppy, developing such a relationship requires time, effort, and patience on our part.  It also requires us to understand our puppy, meeting their needs,  and teaching skills that are meaningful to the dog.  

Following are lessons and thoughts related to introducing a young puppy into a human home.  Tips on how to get started, steps on how and when to introduce cues, and problem solving are included but please remember;

It's Simple but it is not Easy

Many of the skills and techniques I use are simple, but the difficulty comes in timing, reading your dog's body language, and finding ways that motivate your puppy to interact with you.  Like I've said before;

"Obedience begins when the joy of being with you has been established"

If you want a dog that is responsive and eager to please, interacting with you must be rewarding and this is established as soon as you embrace and bring that puppy into your home.  Most importantly, please be patient with your puppy.  Each puppy is different and comes with a unique personality so try not to compare your puppy to previous dogs you may have had or to your friends' dogs. And lastly, be open to developing new strategies based on what your puppy is "telling" you. Listening and watching your puppy as they interact with you will help you learn your puppy's personality and foster the gifts that puppy will give to you throughout it's lifetime.  That's when the relationship is nourished and companionship begins.



This is the most important building block and will help facilitate all future work

Crate Training

Potty Training

Chewing and Niping

Establishing a "Place"

Boundaries, doors/gates

Impulse Control

Setting boundaries and routines for your puppy

Appropriate Play

Meeting other Dogs

Going to the Vet/Groomer

Overcoming Fear

Meeting new people


Learning to be part of multi-pet home: Dogs/cats/other

Problem Solving

Excessive pulling

Separation Anxiety

Digging, Chewing, Distructive Behavior

Bolting out of the house/yard

Creating Reliable Behaviors

Understanding Pressure

Canine Communcation

Creating a Training Session